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Top 4 Reasons Reasons I hate the DMV:

  • Long lines in every office every time, everyday.
  • The lady who said "look it up yourself, I'm busy." when I asked for help finding an earlier DMV road test appointment.
  • Grumpy road test examiners
  • Expensive fees


Ways I have vented my frustration with the DMV...

1. The Wheel of Fortune Picture Above

2. This cookie cake...

3. Making them count these pennies ($10)

4. Kicked a grumpy road examiner out of the car after she failed me
without a *valid* reason so she had to walk back to the
road test starting point.


2016-2017 Matthew Furman On-Line

The last date the DMV pissed me off resulting in an update to this page was... Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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