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Welcome to Scare Tammy!
Version 1.0 for old versions of Internet Explorer.


The fun new computer game to scare my manager Tammy.

How to Play...

  • Go to Tammy's computer
  • First, make sure you're using Internet Explorer. Turn off the volume using the little knob on her speakers.
  • Then click on the "Scare Tammy!" button.
  • You will see a blank webpage which is coded so whenever the mouse moves over the page I will yell "Boo!" really loud.
  • Move the mouse away from the browser window and then turn up the speakers to full volume.
  • When Tammy sees the window, she will go to close it and get scared when I yell "Boo!"

This version of the game requires Internet Explorer 7.0 or EARLIER to work properly.

If you have another browser or a newer version of Internet Explorer, use version 2.0

2016 Matthew Furman On-Line

Version. 1.0