Online Advertisement Notice

Effective: July 31, 2019

I've tried to keep my websites ad-free for as long as possible, unfortunately, due to the cost
of living, I've had to start allowing them into some of my pages to try and make a little money.

If you're using an ad-blocker I'd certainly appreciate it if you whitelist my websites
and support me. (no hurt feelings if you don't want to, I use an ad-blocker too)


You can also leave a tip in the TipJar via PayPal


I use a variety of sources for my ads. Some are auto-generated by Google AdSense (meaning I don't pick the ads you see)

Some ads I manually put into my pages. Some are advertising some of my other work, websites I enjoy, as well as referral programs to make me money.


AT&T ads: I have started working for an AT&T Authorized Retailer. Anything purchased on via my store link ads money to my paycheck.


Verizon's FiOS refer a friend program ended. If you see any Verizon ads I forgot to delete, please let me know.


Thanks for visiting my website and for your support!