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This page is a list of all the places I work or have worked. Some jobs are/were fun jobs where I have funny stories of workplace pranks and shenanigans, others are of a more serious nature and therefore do not have any entertaining stories to go with. Whether or not I bring my humor to the workplace and to what extent depends on what I am doing and the work environment. I started working in my late teens so my pranks and silliness at work has toned down as I've gotten older. I still have fun though!


Advocacy & Resource Center (2023-present)

I work as a Direct Support Professional for Advocacy & Resource Center.

Due to the nature of this position and HIPPA laws, specific details are privileged information. A general description of what I do is assist with independent living skills, provide support, and advocate so those I work with can live their best life. This is a job I enjoy tremendously and has a lot of meaning to me.


Residential Resources, Inc (2022-present)

I work as a Direct Support Professional for Residential Resources, Inc.

Due to the nature of this position and HIPPA laws, specific details are privileged information. A general description of what I do is assist with independent living skills, provide support, and advocate so those I work with can live their best life. This is a job I enjoy tremendously and has a lot of meaning to me.

Staples (2014-present)

I have a lot of fun at this job. The entire store is family to me and I really do like working here. I started this job in Cary, North Carolina and then transferred to Plattsburgh, New York. I "work" mostly as a cashier. I spend most of the day playing on my phone and scaring my manager Tammy by yelling BOO! really loud. For some reason a lot of new rules have been made.

Here's a few of my favorites...

  • No snowball fights inside the store.
  • I am not allowed to use a hammer.
  • No hiding inside the big metal cabinet to jump out and scare people.
  • Tammy is not allowed to schedule me on April Fools Day.
  • No more surprise parties in the managers offices.


My "Employee of the Month" Film Strip!

Leroux's Iron Ore Market (2023-2023)

I worked part-time at Leroux's Iron Ore Market. It is exciting to have the store open again!


Stewart's Shops (2022-2023)

I worked at Stewart's Shops doing a variety of things. Putting away totes from Inventory, stocking shelves, and making food. Although this job is too busy for silly shenanigans they do have a Pay Phone which is kinda cool. They don't have a payphone anymore. They put it in the dumpster and it is now in my living room!

AT&T Store (2022-2022)

I sold phones and service for AT&T through Prime Communications, an authorized retailer. While I enjoyed working for Ma Bell and had a lot of fun doing the job itself, I left because Prime is horribly mismanaged, lacks moral integrity, and pays crap wages unless you live in a big city with high volume traffic. After receiving my first and only write-up in the form of a "final written warning" I decided that would be my last day. I was written up by our acting District Manager Raylin for insubordination because one of their training apps wasn't working and refused to count my trainings as done despite my providing numerous screen shots. After leaving a very colorful worded message on the dry erase board telling Raylin know exactly how I felt about him, I cleaned out the store (I had furnished the break room and a few other things - I left them nothing) and went home. I let it be a surprise the next morning that I had left. Also had a blast deleting the group chat for the entire district leaving Raylin all by himself in the chat room to think about his life choices. 

I strongly encourage anyone using AT&T to visit AT&T corporate owned locations and avoid Prime whenever possible.

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Dollar General (2020-2020)

I briefly worked for Dollar General. I left because COVID-19 happened and wanted to be safe until I knew what was going on with the world. The job was okay but minimum wage wasn't worth catching a deadly virus.

Chick-fil-a Plattsburgh (2018-2018)

This was my second time working for Chick-fil-a (not the same restaurant as before). Was only there for about a month. The people here were super friendly. Don't have any crazy stories for this job. I got to run the cash register, make milkshakes, and occasionally work in the dining room. I left due to scheduling issues (no notice for scheduling).


Kinney Drugs (2017-2017)

I worked as a cashier at Kinney's. I did enjoy working here, but this job was more serious than my others, so I don't have any funny stories to go with this one. I showed up, listened to my  boss,
did my job and went home. I've got bills to pay and I couldn't afford to get fired so I took it super seriously. Didn't matter though. Despite positive feedback from customers and supervisors I was fired without notice or warning by the store manager who is known to be difficult. I was here about a month. I still don't actually know what I did to get fired.

Town Taxi (2017-2017)

I drove a taxi for Town Taxi a couple times. I never really quit here, I just haven't driven after those couple times. The city permit cost too much and I didn't have the cash to make change. The most memorable moments from this job were when I got pulled over and had to talk my way out of a ticket (headlight issue) while I was driving a prostitute to Keeseville and she kept asking the cop for his phone number and when I had to stop suddenly on the interstate to let a bunch of drunk people puke their brains out on the side of the road.



Price Chopper Supermarkets / Market 32 by Price Chopper (2016-2017)

This job was okay. It didn't pay much and had no employee discount but it was a job. I worked here for almost a year before one of my managers Patty got on my nerves by writing me up for being absent when I had a doctors note so I promoted myself to customer with my beautiful greeting card of resignation I drew in crayon. I later found out she put it on her fridge at home so at least she found it amusing.

Walmart (2016-2016)

I worked here for 1 day. I decided that it was too corporatey for me and I never came back except to collect my paycheck. I kept the vest and nametag for future mischief...


Chick-fil-a Waverly Place (2013-2014)

This job was kinda fun and sucked at the same time. I mostly worked in the dining room cleaning already cleaned tables to look busy and offer to "refresh" a customers beverage. They hated the word "refill" for some reason. I also got to wear the cow suit at store events which was fun. Except the costume was always broken and the cows foot was unsafe to wear. They fixed it when the cows foot ended up in a trash can never to be seen again. One of my managers was a Stupidvisor. I stayed at this job for as long as I could. But 3 hours a week at minimum wage wasn't very motivating for me to walk 25 minutes to work. Despite my best efforts, it took a while to get out of this job. They would pick me up when I tried to stay home. One day when I was tired and didn't want to get up, I scheduled my computer to fax in my resignation 4 hours before my shift started and went back to sleep. Apparently I was too polite in my resignation letter and offered to keep working as the cow at events. I didn't think they would call me back, but they did. I worked as the cow for a few more months before walking off during a major event after they denied me a water break. It was over 90 degrees outside. They finally left me alone after that.


Thrift 'n Gift / Thrift 2 Gift (2011-2014)

This started out as a volunteer internship but I stayed afterward because it was fun. Eventually I got paid to work one day a week and volunteered the other days. I really like thrift shops so I had a lot of fun here and made lots of friends while working there. I really got to see the company grow as they expanded to a bigger store. Some of my favorite memories of this job are dressing up in the clown suit and playing with the boombox and other various merchandise to encourage people driving by the store to shop at various charity events. and the puppet I found in the back room. I always go back to visit this store when I am in town visiting my family.


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