Clinton County New York Telephone History

by Matthew Furman On-Line

Welcome to the Clinton County New York Telephone History Website for  New York!

Hello and thanks for stopping  by, this website is dedicated to preserving memories and history of the telephone system for the local area in Clinton County New York.


This website is new and is still growing, so if you have something you’d like to contribute, please send me a message so that I can update this site and give you credit for the information.


Some information I am hoping to gather is:

· Additional Telephone EXchange names (such as JOrdan 1)

· Information about when local towns first got phone service.

· When Dial service first came to the local communities.

· Old telephone directories from the New York Telephone/Bell System era. (contact me for information on how to get them to me)

· Stories and Memories you may have related to the telephone.

· Any audio recordings of the old phone Bell network equipment and recorded messages (if anyone has recorded any from that era)

· Stories from former/current New York Telephone/NYNEX/Bell Atlantic employees about what it was like working for Ma Bell.

· Anything else phone related that you think is interesting.


~Matthew Furman
Matthew Furman On-Line

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