The Advertising Industry is out of control! They have invaded the Internet, your TV, the Radio, your Telephone, and even your mail box.
There is a way to fight back though, Advertising companies make money by turning everything you own into their own personal
billboard. Which works because if even a small fraction of the people who see their ads respond by making a purchase they make money (see TeleScum for more information on how this business model works). If their efforts were to become less profitable and more costly for them to
continue, it would put a dent in their productivity and cause them to have to rethink their ways of business.

Here's how to fight back:

First wait for one of their advertisements to appear in your mailbox (this shouldn't take long).

Then open the advertisement and look for the little envelope labeled "Business Reply Mail"
Note: make sure it says "No Postage Necessary if Mailed Within the United States"

Go outside and find a brick (a square or rectangular rock can also work)

Tape the Business Reply Envelope to the top of the brick the same way you may tape a Shipping Label to a package.

Take the brick over to your local Post Office drop off location or public mail box.


What happens when you do this is the company who sent you the advertisement has to pay the return postage, companies do this because
most people who respond are making a purchase, and those who are not interested throw the envelope away (no postage paid). The return
postage is based on weight your brick will cost them a small fortune. Have everybody do this on a mass scale and junk mail will end!

And by doing this, you're also supporting your local post office!


Now go! Mail a brick and support the postal service!

2016 Matthew Furman On-Line