Messages & Memories of My Life.
& Stupid things people have left on my answering machine.

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Messages that make me smile...
 -last birthday message from Grandma. Oct. 10, 2011
 -Birthday song from Deanna. Oct. 10, 2015

   -Voicemail from my friend George who passed away. Jan. 9, 2016



Messages that make me laugh...
 -Message from Ava. Nov. 27, 2014
 -Message from Dale. Aug. 17, 2012
 -Message from Alice. June 29, 2012
 -Message from Mom. Nov. 11, 2011
-Messages from Kristen. May 5, 2016

Ridiculous messages from prank callers & wrong numbers...
 -not even sure what this is supposed to be... prank call or hilarious wrong number? you decide. Aug. 3, 2012
 -it's her again. Aug. 3, 2012
 -Prank Call June 29, 2012
 -I didn't even know it was humanly possible to make this sound... Oct. 20, 2011

-Oh look, someone has sent me text message spam to my landline. June 17, 2015

Messages from Telemarketers & Scam Artists...
-Rachel at Cardholder Services August 18, 2015
-Some payday scam artist robocall August 18, 2015

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