Messages & Memories of My Life.
& random things people have left on my answering machine.

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This page is mostly here for me to preserve my important memories.

If you were looking for my archive of Novelty Answering Machine greetings, see here:

Voices of friends and loved ones who are no longer here.
-last birthday message from Grandma Jean. Oct. 10, 2011

 -Voicemail from my friend George Rock who passed away. Jan. 9, 2016

-Grandpa Ed's cellphone voicemail greeting.

  -Message from Sid St Louis. July 31, 2018

  -Message from Sid St Louis. Sept. 14, 2018

  -Sid's Voicemail greeting.


Messages that make me laugh...
  -Message from Ava. Nov. 27, 2014
  -Message from Dale. Aug. 17, 2012
  -Message from Alice. June 29, 2012
  -Message from Mom. Nov. 11, 2011
-Messages from Kristen. May 5, 2016

Birthday messages

 -Birthday song from Deanna. Oct. 10, 2015


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