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The effort people will go through to put a shopping cart in the wrong place...

Earlier today we got a call to the store asking for a manager. A few minutes later I get paged by my manager "Matthew, would you go outside, go around the corner past Great Clips, go across the cross walk and get our shopping cart." It's amazing the amount of effort this person went through to get it over here. Usually people are too lazy to bring them back to the store and leave them in the middle of the parking lot, but to walk around the corner and put it on the curb... exactly what was the point of doing this?

The Story of Coupon Lady

At our store we have a frequent customer we call "Coupon Lady" she comes in with many coupons and
doesn't understand why "you can't use a coupon 5 times" She comes in often and annoys our staff
my first encounter with her was during a promotion we had when you could buy ONE ream of
paper for a penny with a mail-in rebate. Coupon Lady wanted to get FIVE of them for a penny.
She got very irate and loud when we had to tell her no before storming out of the store.

If you keep asking for it, it will magically appear!

We have a few customers who will come in and ask for an item which is out of stock and
keep asking for it even after we tell them we are out and offer to order it online.
I seriously had this conversation:

Customer: "Do you have any iPad mini's?"
**I check the computer and confirm inventory**
"I'm sorry sir, we're sold out right now, but I can order one for you."
Customer: "So you don't have any?"
Me: "That's correct, but I can order one and get you free shipping."
Customer: "Can you check in the back."
Me: "I have already checked, we're sold out in store."
Customer: "So can you go get me one?"
Me: "I'm sorry we're sold out."
Customer: "So you don't have any?"
Me: "That's correct, we're sold out."
Customer: "Can I have one from the back?"
Me: "I don't have any in the back, only online."
Customer: "So can you go get one?"
Me: "Let me get my manager to help you."

Of course we still didn't have the iPad and the customer eventually went away.
Seriously people!! Why do you do this to us... "The Back" is not a magical land
where any item you want will magically appear, it is where stuff goes when we
are full on the floor or if the item is too expensive for the shelf.

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