Product overview
Making music
Make a CD from files
Make a CD from discs
Make a Jukebox CD
Listen to music
Protecting data
Make a data disc
Make an exact copy
Dragging to a disc
Start a backup
Tips and tricks
The Bit Budget
Intelligent drag-and-drop
Saving projects
Use Favorites
RecordNow! remembers
Launching programs
Meet the Sonic family
Upgrade RecordNow!
Give it a try. We'll help!
Give it a try. We'll help!

You've seen what RecordNow! can do for you. Now it's time to give it a try. Along the way, you will have these sources of information to guide you:

Click the Help button and select RecordNow! Help from the shortcut menu.

Text pop-ups:
Hold your mouse cursor over almost any feature in RecordNow! and a small text window will open explaining the purpose of that feature.

Technical support:
If you have an Internet connection, this selection on the Help menu will take you to the RecordNow! technical support site where you will find answers to frequently asked questions, additional product information, and technical support.

Associated programs:
ome projects are performed by software that is started from within RecordNow!. In many cases, these associated programs have their own Help files with additional information about the project you are performing.