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US WEST PC Caller ID    Caller ID on your computer

  • Works with Windows 95/98/NT
    (I got it to work with XP as well using Windows 95 compatibility mode setting)
  • Connects via Serial Port
  • Appears to be 16 bit software. Does not run on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Software

Notes: the main difference I saw between 1.2.2 and 1.2 is 1.2.2 does not show the new call counter on the screensaver and I could not find the option in the software and 1.2.2 had a callback button on the caller ID/outgoing call pop-up. 

Download Users Manual

About this digital archive: US WEST PC Caller ID is a hardware gadget from the mid '90s which displays caller ID on your computer and keeps track of incoming and outgoing calls. Call logs are stored on the device itself and then automatically uploaded to the computer. Call logs are stored even when computer is turned off (150 name only, 50 name/number). This is not software which can be used with a regular modem or other hardware. After purchasing a couple of these on eBay and found nothing online when I searched for these I decided to put the software and users manual online for others to find. Unfortunately this product is long discontinued. Unless you already have it, or can get lucky and find it for sale second hand (eBay, yard sales, etc), you can't buy it. Also it won't work on a modern computer (no serial ports).

If you want Caller ID on a modern computer, try PhoneTray, it works with a regular voice/dial-up modem (USB modems are cheap).



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