My Verizon Bill is now sent on Floppy Disks!


I was really bored so I called Verizon and told them I wanted them to send me my bill on a floppy disk. I expected that they would laugh at me and hang up. This is a completely absurd request after all right? Floppies in 2015? Didn't they stop making them in 2010? Well, they took me seriously and said yes. This is hilarious! I'm actually looking forward to getting my bill in the mail (not looking forward to paying it, but opening it yes!)

Listen to the recording of the voicemail they left me:

Voicemail left on Friday March 20, 2015 at 6:31 PM Eastern Time

Update: I found a Verizon Webpage which mentions the Floppy Disk Billing Option.
View the official page here, or the page saved as a PDF here.

Update... Friday April 24, 2015: 

It actually came!!  :-) Verizon has seriously sent the bill on a floppy. hahahaha.... This is so cool.... Best cell phone company ever!!!

Update: March 2, 2016. They are still sending the CD's. Although they no longer say "Audio" on them. Click the image above for a Hi-Res picture.

Update: January 28, 2016:

It would seem that the supply of Floppy Disks has finally run out...  


Unfortunately, the "Audio" label is wrong, I was quite disappointed that when I tried to open the CD on my computer I did not find a recording of the Verizon recording lady reading my bill to me, it was just a data disk with a text file.  On the bright side, the disk is re-writable so I can still use it.

view this photo in Hi-Res

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