Verizon Wireless has this fun feature called Text to Landline where you can send a text message to a landline phone number and a computerized voice will deliver the message using text to speech technology. Here are some funny messages I've sent to my landline from my cell phone so I could share them here. (Note: for privacy reasons I've edited the recordings so that they do not say my cell phone number).   


   Turkey Crosses the Road


   You Are My Sunshine

   Deck The Halls


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If you have a funny idea of something you'd like Verizon's Text to Landline service say, please tell me. If I find it funny too, I will have the service send the message to my voicemail and put the recording here for all to enjoy!


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Disclaimer: Verizon Wireless charges 25 for each message sent using their text to landline service, be aware of this if you also choose
to use text to landline on your phone, Also note: I do not charge you for funny text to landline requests, if it makes me laugh, I'll happily
pay Verizon a quarter and add the recording of it to this page, so please send the funny ideas my way! I'll even send you the MP3 upon request.