About The Novelty Greeting Archive

NoveltyAnsweringMachine.com is an archive/museum to preserve novelty answering machine greetings for future generations. Most of these greetings are archived from cassette tapes (and occasionally Compact Discs) most of which have been out of print for decades. Having a digital copy of these recordings will allow them to survive even when the original cassettes eventually wear out with age. I hope you enjoy listening to these greetings and be sure to share this website with people you know.  New recordings are being added now and then (whenever I find a new tape to archive and upload).  This archive's main focus is answering machine greetings, however on occasion I will post a funny recording which is not an answering machine greeting, but a novelty recording that is telephone related.

This archive is an online museum dedicated to preserving novelty recordings for telephone answering machines for future generations to enjoy.  The archives are for historical and educational purposes.

Thanks for visiting my website and enjoy the archives!

Matthew Furman
Webmaster & Founder of the Archive