Garfield Answering Machine Messages

   phone3c.gif (12303 bytes) wwwgarfield_bn.gif (3618 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Alien Beings

sound.gif (959 bytes)Bowling For Donuts

sound.gif (959 bytes)So You're Calling

sound.gif (959 bytes)Angry Gerbils

sound.gif (959 bytes)No One Wants To Talk To You

sound.gif (959 bytes)Naked Jello

sound.gif (959 bytes)Pizza Guy

sound.gif (959 bytes)Bug Zapper Accident

sound.gif (959 bytes)Cat-O-Matic Answering Service

sound.gif (959 bytes)Hot and Sweaty

sound.gif (959 bytes)Answering For My Friends

sound.gif (959 bytes)If You Sound Interesting

sound.gif (959 bytes)Attack Cat

sound.gif (959 bytes)You're Not Invited!

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The Garfield page is almost complete, only 1 greeting missing: "So you want to direct" if you happen to have this file, please consider uploading it.

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