Radio Shack Telephone Outgoing Messages

The cassettes from which these recordings were archived from, are quite old, therefore the sound quality has aged a bit. However they are still quite humorous and enjoyable.

There are recordings from three different cassettes featured on this page, you may scroll down the page or use these bookmarks to navigate faster.
Bookmarks---- Music Edition :: Office/Home Edition :: Comedy Edition :: Julie Dees Comedy Edition


music.JPG (278167 bytes)

Music Edition

sound.gif (959 bytes)Jamacian

sound.gif (959 bytes)21st Century Funk

sound.gif (959 bytes)50's Rock & Roll

sound.gif (959 bytes)Rappin

sound.gif (959 bytes)Soft Contemporary

sound.gif (959 bytes)Vaudeville

sound.gif (959 bytes)Country

sound.gif (959 bytes)Jazz

sound.gif (959 bytes)Up-tempo Contemporary

sound.gif (959 bytes)Orchestral Pops

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office-home.JPG (263226 bytes)

Office/Home Edition

sound.gif (959 bytes)Female Employee

sound.gif (959 bytes)Male Employee

sound.gif (959 bytes)Lines Engaged

sound.gif (959 bytes)Out to Lunch

sound.gif (959 bytes)After Hours

sound.gif (959 bytes)Family Secretary

sound.gif (959 bytes)House Guest

sound.gif (959 bytes)The Quiz

sound.gif (959 bytes)Telephone Operator

sound.gif (959 bytes)Mission Impossible

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comedy.JPG (254680 bytes)

Comedy Edition

sound.gif (959 bytes)W.C. Fields

sound.gif (959 bytes)Mae West

sound.gif (959 bytes)George Burns & Gracie Allen

sound.gif (959 bytes)Boris Karloff

sound.gif (959 bytes)Rodney Dangerfield

sound.gif (959 bytes)Groucho Marx

sound.gif (959 bytes)Peter Falk (Columbo)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Barbra Streisand (People)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Alfred Hitchcock

sound.gif (959 bytes)Roseanne Rosennadanna

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juliedees.jpg (62826 bytes)

Julie Dees Comedy Edition

sound.gif (959 bytes)Marilyn Monroe

sound.gif (959 bytes)Bette Davis

sound.gif (959 bytes)Barbara Walters

sound.gif (959 bytes)Shirley Temple

sound.gif (959 bytes)Dolly Parton

sound.gif (959 bytes)Elizibeth Taylor

sound.gif (959 bytes)Mae West

sound.gif (959 bytes)Rona Barret

sound.gif (959 bytes)Wicked Witch

sound.gif (959 bytes)Miss Marple

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