Hey, Wait For The Beep!

Hey_WaitForBeep.jpg (114363 bytes)

Note: this cassette did not have any names/titles for any of the messages below, I wrote the names below myself to describe the message content.

sound.gif (959 bytes)Wire Tap Dancing

sound.gif (959 bytes)Nightmare

sound.gif (959 bytes)Who's Calling

sound.gif (959 bytes)Murder Message

sound.gif (959 bytes)Trying To Reach You

sound.gif (959 bytes)Opera Lessons

sound.gif (959 bytes)Lawyer

sound.gif (959 bytes)Leave A Message To Leave A Message

sound.gif (959 bytes)Witch

sound.gif (959 bytes)Shorty

Days of the Week

sound.gif (959 bytes)Monday: Musical Monday

sound.gif (959 bytes)Tuesday: Here's Johnny

sound.gif (959 bytes)Wednesday: Cooking Day

sound.gif (959 bytes)Thursday: Fun Day

sound.gif (959 bytes)Friday: Friday Night Date

sound.gif (959 bytes)Saturday: Roseanne Barr

sound.gif (959 bytes)Sunday: Showtime

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