You Rang? Loony Tunes Greetings

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Holidays And Special Occasions
yourang_holiday.jpg (118445 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)New Year (Porky Pig & Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Thanksgiving (Foghorn Leghorn)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Birthday Message (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)New Year (Yosemite Sam & Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)New Year (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Anniversary Message (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Fourth of July (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Happy Holidays! (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Happy Holidays! (Daffy Duck & Speedy Gonzales)

sound.gif (959 bytes)St. Patricks Day (Speedy Gonzales)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Tax Day  (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Halloween (Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Presidents Day (Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Birthday (Bugs Bunny)

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Sylvester & Tweety

you-rang-sylvester-tweety.jpg (155589 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Say It Don't Spray It (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Zip It (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Glad I Thought Of It (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Roses Are Red (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Get Lost (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Trivial Pursuit (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Answering The Phone (Sylvester & Tweety)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Greetings And Salutations (Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Busy All Day (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Hunting Messages (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Massage (Yosemite Sam)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Fly on a Fudgesicle (Foghorn Leghorn)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Big Burrito (Speedy Gonzales)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Viva Le Amour (Pepe Le Pew)

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Bugs Bunny

bugs-bunny.jpg (148154 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Time is Running Out (Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Rabbit Season (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Who Knows When (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)What's Up Doc? (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Psychic Message (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Hamlet (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Date-A-Winner (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)At The Phone (Tazmanian Devil)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Chewin' the Fat (Daffy Duck & Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Advanced Bookings (Pepe Le Pew)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Western Resort (Yosemite Sam)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Musical Theatre (Yosemite Sam)

sound.gif (959 bytes)School of Speech (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Dancing (Speedy Gonzales)

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Daffy Duck

daffy-duck.jpg (127853 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Generic Weather Report (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Party of the First Port (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Persons Never Home (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)A Message ---Oh Boy! (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Party Line (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Celebrity Message Line (Dafy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Save the Phone Messages (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)On the Run (Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Aerobics (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Hunting Wabbits (Elmer Fudd)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Counting to Three (Yosemite Sam)

sound.gif (959 bytes)The Game of Love (Pepe Le Pew)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Digest It (Tazmanian Devil)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Siesta (Speedy Gonzales)

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Porky Pig

porky-pig.jpg (147725 bytes)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Clear Message (Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Having a Party (Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Kinda Busy (Porky Pig)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Spittin' It Out (Porky Pig & Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Save the Day (Porky Pig & Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)No One's Home (Porky Pig & Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Good Luck (Porky Pig & Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Telephone Instruction (Daffy Duck)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Elmer For President (Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Talking Too Loud (Yosemite Sam)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Who Are You? (Pepe Le Pew)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Fast Message (Speedy Gonzales)

sound.gif (959 bytes)The Sky is Falling (Foghorn Leghorn)

sound.gif (959 bytes)Telephone Gossip (Yosemite Sam)

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