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On April 8, 2014 Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP. This means no more updates will be released for Windows XP. However, XP is still a great Operating System.  This website is dedicated to keeping the fun downloads for Windows XP available for download to people with licensed copies Windows XP. This website is not endorsed by Microsoft, and all files are provided as-is.
Windows XP Fun Packs

Digital Photography Winter Fun Pack 2003

Display your photos on your PC, or create cards with holiday-themed templates


Digital Video with Windows Movie Maker 2 Winter Fun Pack

An expansive collection of wintery sound effects, holiday music, titles, video titles, and cut scenes



Final Fantasy XI Desktop Theme

Immerse yourself in the fantasy today. 


Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter Fun Pack 2003

Dress up your Player for the holidays with skins, auto playlists, and more



Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter Fun Pack 2002

New skins, Auto Playlists, and Visualizations make it more fun to enjoy your music. 


Windows Movie Maker 2 Winter Fun Pack 2003

Make holiday home movies with this collection of winter sound effects, holiday music, and seasonal video titles and animations. 



Windows XP Screensaver

The 3-D Windows XP screensaver shows off the power of DirectX.



Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack

New sets of visualizations, plus a blogging plug-in to enhance your music. 


Winter Fun Screensavers

Check out these cool screen savers with vivid 3-D and interactive sound effects.


Digital Photography Fun Pack for Windows XP

Use spring-themed greeting card templates and title slides to create photo cards for Mother's Day, graduation, Easter, and more. 



Zoo Tycoon Card Flip Game

Put your animal-matching skills to the test with this card game from the makers of Zoo Tycoon.


  This website is not endorsed by Microsoft. You are visiting an online archive by Matthew Furman On-Line. Some of the files in this archive may still be available from Microsoft (if they are, who knows how long). The purpose of this archive is to preserve the cool downloads for Windows XP for future use. Just because Microsoft has chosen to abandon support for Windows XP, doesn't mean we have to! XP was/is a great operating system.