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Choose a story from my wacky life in Junior High through Senior High School...

Squeaky Pen -7th grade

Bost Bucks -10th grade

Typewriter 10th grade

Math Class Identity Swap -11th grade

School Bus -11th grade

Television is better than class -10th grade

Universal Remotes -10th grade

Door Bell Bus -7th grade

Umm... Teacher, the CD drive is broken.... -10th grade

Fun with Microsoft Word -9th grade

Ding-Dong! It's the last day of school and you can't give me detention -12th grade

The Open Window Maniac -12th grade

Hey! What's up with these computers? -12th grade

Paper Airplanes -7th grade

Classroom Designer -11th grade

Easy Bake Oven -10th grade

Ding! The popcorn's ready! -12th grade

Dial-up...  -10th grade

Car Alarm -11th grade

"Hi People" -12th grade

Masking Tape Madness -11th grade

Giant Birthday Cards -11th grade

Have a Day! -12th grade

This is by no means a complete list of my school nonsense. These are just the top stories of
my nonsense throughout Junior High & Senior High School. I am putting these fun stories
into writing now that I have graduated (Class of 2012!!!) and can't get detention for the ones
the teachers did not know about. I have grown up (a little bit anyway) since these events
happened and I do not get in so much trouble anymore. And just as a note to people
reading these, while they are very funny, I did get in a lot of trouble for doing some
of these, so while I absolutely encourage being unique and different from the crowd,
do not go crazy trying to repeat my funny stories in your own life. In other words, check your
school handbook for loopholes and use you brain! If you would like to write to me or
"pick my brain" for funny ideas, send me an email here.

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