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Website Description  
468-TIME Time & Temperature for Cary, North Carolina. This is my page on AOL
After Dark 4.0 Screen Saver Collection The coolest screensaver collection of the 1990s!
AOL Archive America Online Software Archive and AOLpress Help Tutorials.
AOL PhotoCam Drivers Here's the drivers for the America Online PhotoCam Digital Camera.
Annoying Ringtone Annoying Ringtone from my first cell phone (saved as an MP3)
Answering Machine Messages & Memories of My Life, & Stupid things people have left on my answering machine.
For my archive of Novelty Answering Machine greetings, see here.
Art by Matthew In 11th grade I took Visual Arts 1. Part of the class was making a website and posting pictures of art projects.  Here's mine!
AT&T Phone Number Guide list of AT&T Customer Service Numbers.
Ask Matthew Got a question or need advice?  Ask me!
Best of Facebook... The funniest highlights from my Facebook Feed...
Bug Splat! Screensaver
Calling Big Bird I called Big Bird from Sesame Street
Celebrity Voice Text 2 Landline Fun with Text 2 Landline using celebrity voice impressions!
Cellular Phone Voicemail Clean-up How to remove the "robo voice" at the end of your cell phone voicemail.
Christmas Novelty Music A small collection of silly Christmas music.
Christmas Page My Christmas themed site pages.
Clinton County New York Telephone History Bits and pieces of Information I've collected about the history of telephones in Clinton County New York.  This is a work in progress...
Clippy The Office Assistant A fan site for Clippy the Office Assistant (1997-2003)
Computer Repair Service I fix computers in the Cary, North Carolina area. If you live nearby and need your computer repaired, please consider me.
Cortana Microsoft's digital assistant. Cool screenshots and a leaked version of Cortana for Android.
Deals & Coupons Some of the services I subscribe to have Refer-A-Friend programs that offer special coupons or rewards if you sign-up too using my referral link. If you like saving money check out my deals page and see if anything interests you.
Dial Telephone Instruction Booklet A scanned instruction booklet from the 1950s from Michigan Bell Telephone Company with information about using a dial telephone.
Ebay Store This is my Ebay Store where I sell stuff. I do not always have stuff for sale, but when I do, this is where it'll be.
Edgar On-Line View the Edgar SlideShow!
Electronic Mail (Online Post Office) Send me Electronic Mail using my online Post Office, no stamp needed!
Elvis Trapped in a Telephone Switch! Despite popular belief, Elvis is not dead. He's just trapped in a Verizon Telephone Switch in area code 718.
Flash Post Cards Create your own Online Post Card using Macromedia Flash...
Fun With Text to Landline Funny recordings of messages I've sent to myself using the Verizon Wireless Text to Landline service.
Furman Computers My computer help site.
Guest Book Read and submit comments in my public guest book.
Have a Day! :-) The website for the cool phrase I came up with in High School with my art teacher Ian Sands.
Have a Day! :-) Hall Pass Service FREE printable hall passes!
Help Me With My Phone Get help with your telephone!
Hoyle III Cool games for MS-DOS and early versions of Windows.
Idiot Game How to keep an idiot busy for hours...
Jane Barbe Archive Archived recordings of Jane Barbe (The "Time Lady") for the Bell System.  Make your own intercept recordings!
King of BellSouth Prank Calls, Torturing Telemarketers, & Fun Phone Numbers to Call!
Learn-A-Torium 2.0 A collection of school worksheets created for Mr. Zies' class. Kept online for archival purposes, this site is no longer updated or maintained.
Matthew's Blog (classic site) This is my blog where I post my random thoughts and news.
MatthewTube My new video gallery
McMusic music from a 1997 happy meal cassette tape.
Media Archives Archives of media files.

Mobile Site & Blog My mobile website (in progress) which includes a small mobile blog, and a few random pages.
My InstantPage This is a mini site with my Twitter feed, Facebook feed, E-Mail form, and my YouTube Channel Videos
Nickelodeon Screensaver Archive An archive of Nickelodeon Screen Savers from the late 90s.
Nickelodeon Museum Old School Nickelodeon Museum
Novelty Answering Thee world's largest online archive for Telephone Answering Machine novelty recordings.
Pay Phone Museum An online museum of Pay Phones.
Personal Web Server Microsoft Personal Web Server (Windows 95/98/NT)
Photo Gallery View my photo album.
Phone Journeys Listen to various recordings found on the telephone network.
PhoneTray 1.1 FREE Edition FREE call blocker software for Windows 2000 or later.
Print Archives Archives of printed documents, booklets, etc.
Recorded Memories Years ago when I was little, my Dad used Windows 95 Sound Recorder to capture memories. Recordings dated from 1997-2000.
Retail Funnies 98% of customer's are awesome, but there is that 2%...
School Stories A story collection of some of the silly stuff I did in Junior High and High School
Sierra On-Line Christmas Demos The original Christmas computer demos from the 80s and early 90s. Works best on MS-DOS or early Windows versions.
SlideShows by Matthew My Picture Slide Shows
Sonic RecordNow! Version 6 Help Help documents for Sonic RecordNow! Version 6. I was bored.... really bored.... that's all I can say!
Telephone Documents A collection of telephone related documents and wiring diagrams.
Telemarketer Sound Board A fun soundboard to annoy telemarketers with.
The Magic Floppy A software archive for old software.
The MIDI Site A collection of MIDI sound files (unfinished site).
The Sims Downloads A few fun files I saved from the old Sims 1 website back in the day.
The Telemarketer Game A fun way to deal with unwanted telephone calls.
The Wav Site The ultimate collection of WAV sound files.
Urban Exploration Exploring old abandoned properties.
USA Datanet ISP Help Help files for the old Syracuse, NY based Dial-up ISP 'USA Datanet'.
Verizon Bill now on Floppy! Voicemail recording from Verizon confirming my bill will now be sent on 3.5 inch floppy disks.
Verizon's Hold Music Now we can put them on hold!
Verizon Page My webpage of random Verizon stuff.
Verizon Wireless Feature Codes A list of feature codes for Verizon Wireless
Voicemail Access Numbers A collection of Voicemail Access Numbers.
Windows Media Player Skins Graphical themes for Windows Media Player.
Windows XP Christmas Theme 2004 The Christmas desktop theme for Windows XP.
Windows XP Download Archive Power Tools, fun stuff, and more for Windows XP.
Windows 98 Game A HTML based game to remember Windows 98. This game is best played using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. The sounds have been known to not work in the Metro app version of IE
Y2K Bug Screen Saver A funny screensaver for Y2K
You Are My Sunshine A page dedicated to Grandma Jean.


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