Help me!!!! I'm starting to get dizzy...

cool lightning animation effect huh? I think so too!

I found a payphone!

April fools day is fun! I don't know why my manager said this can't be the new dress code...

Can you hear me now?

My teachers were so proud that day... ;-)

Hi, I'm Matthew Furman.

I'm originally from upstate New York, and moved to Cary, North Carolina (after living outside Indianapolis, Indiana very briefly). I lived in North Carolina for about 8 years before moving back to upstate New York (2015). I graduated from Apex High School (Apex, NC) in 2012 and have had a variety of jobs over the years. I currently work part-time at Stewarts Shops and part-time as a cashier for Staples where I constantly scare my manager Tammy. I also work as a Direct Support Professional for Residential Resources. In my spare time, I can usually be found watching television, talking on the phone, or having fun making people laugh. I have been known to challenge the norms of society now and then with hilarious antics such as walking around town dressed as a gingerbread man, or some other weird costume. Some people find this weird or immature, and that suits me just fine, I just enjoy being myself and try not to focus on what other people think about me. While I am mostly somewhat maybe up to date on current technology, I am a bit resistant to change and as a result I hang onto a lot of old stuff which most people have gotten rid of years ago such as cassette tapes, old computers, and rotary phones. Oh, and speaking of phones, I admit I have a bit of a weird obsession with them. Particularly pay phones. I've even started an online museum of pay phone pictures. Check it out! I try my best to be a good friend to those I meet and put a smile on people's faces.  I started Matthew Furman On-Line back in 2009 because I just wanted to have a homepage, over the years my site has grown into a few different sites ranging on various topics such as pay phones, silly answering machine messages, prank phone calls, and archives of old digital treasures I want to preserve, but mostly my site is a digital "book" of my life containing memories and things important to me. It's my little corner of the web where I can do whatever and be as silly as I want. The older design found on the majority of my web pages comes from my nostalgia for the "old internet" I knew when I was younger. While I could design a modern site I simply choose not to because this way is more fun for me. Old web design really had no rules for design and in my opinion sites were more creative back then. Oh, and if you're still using Internet Explorer 6, I've put in some outdated and possibly slightly annoying "special effects" into some of my web pages for you to enjoy (or give you the sudden urge to yell bad words at your computer). Have Fun! :-)

  • And now here's some random info about me...
Relationship Status In love with Meagan Barber
Favorite Color ORANGE
Favorite Appliance Color HARVEST GOLD & AVOCADO GREEN
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Podcast I Listen to The Snow Plow Show
My Podcast The Phone Show
Favorite Music Older Country and 50s/60s Oldies
Favorite Cookies Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip, & White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut
Age I'm older than Google
Birthday October 10th
Favorite Technology Sound Dial-up Internet
Languages I speak English, Smart-ass
My Quotes
"I plan to live forever, so far my plan is working..."

"Dreams have no limits, only minor obstacles to overcome."

"Have a Day!"  See

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After the tragic loss of my previous ugly sweater, I turned to the Internet to find a new ugly sweater. The Internet did not disappoint me.      For some reason this sweater mysteriously disappeared shortly after I found it at Goodwill...      Me and Santa...    


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I've had so many visitors to my site, my web counter broke!

It may be obsolete, but hey! it still works...

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