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1960s Coppertone Appliances

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The 1965 mobile home a few doors down from me is being torn down, I was able to score the vintage oven and stove from the kitchen! All in Coppertone. Here’s the pictures I took of the home as it is today.

My review of the new AOL Mail

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AOL has decided to force Yahoo Mail upon us with a different logo. While I’m not especially pleased that the AOL Mail I have been using for years is now completely different, here’s my review and thoughts on the interface and features as well as what I miss from the... Read More

The Hartwell Mansion Basement

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Last night, Meagan and I toured the Hartwell Mansion together. This rainy and stormy night was perfect for a haunted house tour! We toured the entire house, however this album includes the basement pictures and a few outside pictures because my other album from a previous tour I attended already... Read More

I found another fridge! GE from August 1970

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I found another free fridge on the side of the road.  Date code lookup says August 1970. I guess this means I can call myself a collector of vintage appliances as I now have quite the collection! Maybe I should put up another shed… I do have the shelves and... Read More

I installed a dishwasher!

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Today I removed one of my kitchen cabinets and installed a vintage (1988) dishwasher in my house!   And here’s a picture from 2020 that shows the cabinet that I took out: For anyone who may have a similar dishwasher here is the service and parts information: General Electric Potscubber... Read More

Happy Birthday Meagan

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Having a wonderful evening with Meagan!  Happy 31st Birthday sweet heart ❤️ We played Bumper Cars! 🚗 Then we played Laser Tag! And dinner with Crayons 🖍️