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Happy New Year!

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With only a few hours left in 2022, it has been quite a year! I began the year with a new job, left that job and started another late summer, and then started an additional new job in December. I also bought a house and had endless vehicle repairs and... Read More

Vintage mini fridge still works!

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Hoover Household Refrigerator-Freezer Model R3075  (listing the model number to help people searching the Magical Land of Google find the wiring diagram below) When the fridge died before Christmas my neighbor Hippie and I dug out a couple old mini fridges out of the junk pile in the yard. Of... Read More

I got a new (old) refrigerator

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My refrigerator died a couple days before Christmas, so second month in a row I’ve thrown away a ton of groceries. 🙁 Here’s the old one (old pic)   And the new one   The new one is a lot bigger, I never realized how small my fridge was until... Read More

Happy Caturday

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Due to a busy schedule, I have not been able to keep up with “Caturday” pictures every week, but here’s some from the last few months.

1960s and 1970s freezers

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The old 1970s freezer broke the other day and due to where it is, it’s not easy to access the back of it to fix it. After a few colorful vocabulary words upon discovering the freezer had broken and throwing out a couple hundred dollars of groceries, I brought inside... Read More

Vintage wallpaper

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Some cool old wallpaper in the old house I hope to fix up in Lyon Mountain.  Sadly due to damage to the walls and the paper I will have to put up new paper when I work on these rooms. The pictures are close-ups of the not damaged parts of... Read More