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Fun With Telemarketers

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MatthewWeb Blog… Fun With Telemarketers Hello people of the Internet, We’ve all had those pesky telemarketers call trying to sell us random crap we don’t need like useless software or a new cellphone to replace the one you just bought, some people don’t know how to get rid of them,... Read More

Bread Dog… randomness…

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Matthew Furman Blog… June 13, 2012 Okay, I was on Facebook, and I saw this on my news feed… a dog that looks like a loaf of bread. I can’t really explain why this is so amusing to me, but it is…  Image credit goes to whoever took this picture.... Read More

Graduated High School

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MatthewWeb Blog............. Hi People of the Internet... I have now graduated High School...YAY!!!! It‘s very exciting to have graduated High School ,but it is a bit scary too,being almost an adult, having to get ajob, get ready for college, etc. But I can do it. :–) & just abit of advice for people going into high school, remember: just be yourself and going with the flow is not always best. Take it from me, I never just went with the flow. Iwas my self whether people liked it or not (that  did make it interesting and fun, plus it kept the teachers on their toes...) and I turned out just fine... & with all that homework and studying, remember to have fun too... (but still do your work) you only get 4 years of High School (better be 4 years anyway...) so make it fun and memorable! >>>Click Here for Graduation Pictures…<<< >>>Click here for the Graduation Pictures SlideShow<<< Page Created on: June 12, 2012 @ 1:47 AM

just catching up on blogging…

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Matthew Furman’s Blog... Go back to my blog... Hello people reading my blog... I‘m almost done with High School... only got 2 more days (half days actually–– they are exam days). My last day of classwas on Wednesday. I‘m very excited to be graduating, but at the same time I‘m gonna miss Apex High... things have been going good around here, but busy. I have been getting ready to graduate, and all that kind of stuff.Also, been enjoying hanging out with my friend Mara who I went to the prom with last month. I‘ve been having fun hanging out with her. She‘s funny and fun to hang out with so it‘s all good :–) Also, been writing letters to people too, email and telephone is fine, but it just can‘t compare to the fun of getting a real letter in the mail, so I‘ve been sending mail...Been writing to my Grandpa the most lately, it‘s always fun to talk tohim, plus getting mail probably makes him happy, and since Grandma moved to Heaven to be with Jesus recently, I think Grandpa needs happy mail...:–) (plus I just like sending mail to people anyway...) Anyway, gotta go... ~Matthew. Oh, one more thing, anyone like the rainbow text effect I used here?????