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It’s second period at school right now, and I’m bored! we have a substitute teacher in Science, and the classroom was in chaos so I decided to go to the media center and work since I couldn’t focus on my work in class, so I did the work I could do outside the classroom and now I’m bored…. hmmm…. what should I blog about now since I’ve got nothing else to do? well, I could mention my grades, I justlooked up my grades and I currently have 2 B’s and 2 A’s so that’s good! A/B honor roll!!!!!!!! being on the honor roll of any kind is a nice change from last year… lets just say, last year it was hard to get good grades (because the work was not always easy and sometimes a few jokes/pranks interfered with my work…) but now I try extra hard, study, and don’t play any pranks/jokes at school, and Wow! it makes gettign good grades easier!

okay…. It’s 9:46 and class is over at 10:34 so, what should I do now?….. I know, I’ll go do my math homework so I don’t have to do it tonight (yeah, I know sounds like fun [said using a sarcastic tone…] but I have to do it and I have nothing else to do right now, so why not get it done now and enjoy my afternoon?)

okay, I have to do my Math HW now, so Bye.

-Matthew F.

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