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Vintage wallpaper

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Some cool old wallpaper in the old house I hope to fix up in Lyon Mountain.ย  Sadly due to damage to the walls and the paper I will have to put up new paper when I work on these rooms. The pictures are close-ups of the not damaged parts of... Read More

The buried house

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The land I bought last year to move the trailer onto has another house *in* it. As in, the old house from 1900 that used to be there was bulldozed and buried in the back yard. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to save these pictures somewhere to... Read More

Create your own dial card for a vintage phone

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Own a vintage phone? Want to have a dial card with your telephone number?   Download the template for Microsoft Word and print out a card! Works with both Rotary Dial & Touch Tone Phones Visit: for instructions and to download!

“Caturday” Cat Pics

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It’s time for another Cat Pictures Saturday – or – “Caturday” ๐Ÿ™‚ The pictures for this “Caturday” are: Shadow, Jeannie & Chloe (x2), me and Jason, Lily, and Jason.