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Introducing… Ask Matthew

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Ask Matthew.     If you have any suggestions for new phrases or responses I should say, leave a comment below.

Started decorating for Christmas

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Meagan and I started putting up some of the Christmas decorations. I gotta find where I put the other boxes of decorations. A lot of the sheds got rearranged when I have to move 3 sheds this summer. But the real reason I’m posting this is because Meagan looks adorable... Read More

Standing up to a bully and protecting my property

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    Note: for the sake of time, this blog post is over simplified. This was a very expensive and involved event in my life. Nothing about this was a simple or easy process. My best friend Sid passed away in February 2020 after losing his battle with cancer, Sid... Read More

My Trashy Yard

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It was recently brought to my attention by a neighbor at a zoning board meeting that my yard is trashy and is an eyesore to his “respectable apartment community” and the other neighbor (whom I have a land dispute which prompted my variance application) joined in. I’ve actually been working... Read More