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In Memory of Grandma Jean Kokernak 1944-2012

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Jean Kokernak
April 4, 1944 – April 21,2012

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(^^Forget Me Nots, just like the ones in your garden…^^)

(Grandma) Jean Kokernak was a wonderful person and was very dear and special to us.

I miss you very much Grandma! I’d give anything just to hear the sound of your voice again. I am glad I was able to spend the time with you that I had. You were a very special person and Grandmother and you will forever be in my heart. I miss you! I remember all the good times we had throughout the years, like when we would pick flowers from your garden and pick those mint leaves and put them in the lemonade, the times when we walked to Barry Park just a few blocks from your house. When we used to play with those little wooden shapes and make cool patterns on your dining room table. When I was little and you always had a never ending supply of cool stickers. When we used to play with that little stuffed dog in your computer room — Little Ty — That time when we went to the Syracuse Zoo. The time I was moving from Norwich to Morrisonville and I got to spend a few days at your house, Just you, me, and Grandpa. I’ll always remember the great times we had together. You are a very special person and will be greatly missed. I Love You Grandma, so so much!

With Much Love,

~Matthew Furman

April 22, 2012, 12:06 PM

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