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Weird Things You Hear & See In High School

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Weird Things You Hear & See In High School


In High School, you’re likely to hear and see many things which will leave you completely confused

and/or laughing uncontrollably. For those of you who aren’t in High School yet or forgot what it’s like, here’s

a bit of what you will see and hear:

v In the computer lab, the kid next to you attempts to charge his cellular phone through the computer’s CD-ROM drive and gets frustrated when it won’t plug in.

v You come back to school after prom and you hear somebody informing another student of a friend who by mistake thought the kitchen oven was a toilet and tried to take a crap in it.

v Teachers have to inform students that hand sanitizer is not a beverage, and that consuming it at school will result in being sent to the principal’s office.

v Students throw a banana across the room during math class and almost hit teacher.

v Students make light humming/buzzing noises with their mouth to imitate a cell phone. Teachers start to go insane.

v You look under a desk and see a huge mountain of bubble gum growing underneath it.

v You come back to school after summer vacation to find that all the rubber bands are missing from the CD-ROM drives in the school computers.

v You discover that the posters in the modular classrooms have large holes behind them.

v Students discuss the best way to drink hot sauce.

Believe it or not, I have personally witnessed these events or heard the conversations. High school is interesting, and you will have many times where you will see something and say to yourself: “Why?!?!?”


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