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Long Live Cassettes

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Alright, for you young people who have no idea what a cassette is it is a small plastic rectangle with magnetic tape which music or audio is stored on it. It was what we listened to before the days of the MP3 or Compact Digital Discs (a CD). Back in the day we had these things called Walkmans. They were a portable audio player which is portable like your iPod but WAYYYY cooler!

For you people who do remember the cassettes, remember the good old days of dubbing tapes on the cassette deck (I could make any tape sound like the Chipmunks while it was copying with the use of Hi-Speed Dubbing… fun memories there). Lots of fun recording music off the radio, Making mix-tapes, borrowing tapes from the library when we were too cheap to go buy the album (did this with VHS tapes too). If you lived near a library that had cassettes and VHS movies, you know you did this 😉

Long live cassettes!!!

despite what the kids with their MP3 players and iPods say, the Cassette rules (along with the LP, 45, 78, and 8-track) and will surely be in my house for years to come.

I do have a few CD’s but not nearly the same way I have cassettes, Heck, I didn’t even own a CD player until the early 2000s and even then I only had about 5 CDs whereas I had a LOT of cassettes…


Go out to your favorite thrift store and buy some good music on cassette… if you live in the Cary, NC area, might I suggest Thrift ‘n Gift… they are a local Christian non-profit and I am proud to say I am a volunteer there!

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